Join us for Still Rockin’: A Night of Music to Support Programming and Resources for Older Adults

Join us for Still Rockin’: A Night of Music to Support Programming and Resources for Older Adults

When I was in eighth grade, I did my science fair project on the affects of eating a well-balanced breakfast. I issued common-knowledge tests to five of my friends who ate breakfast and five of my friends who skipped out on the meal. To my surprise, all five of my friends who ate breakfast scored higher on my handwritten test. I couldn’t believe it worked. At the time, I didn’t fully understand the importance of breakfast, but looking back I realize that there are good reasons why it’s called the most important meal of day. 

Why Should You Eat Breakfast?

Let’s face it. You should eat breakfast for a variety of reasons. Not only does it give you energy, but it helps in other areas too, including weight control. Without breakfast, you might be starting your day off on the wrong foot. Other advantages of eating breakfast include:

What’s for Breakfast?

When it comes to breakfast, what you’re putting in your mouth matters. It’s important to make sure you eat something, but it’s just as important to make sure you’re not eating a donut or two every morning. Studies have shown that the best thing to have for breakfast is protein. Protein curbs hunger and is the most satisfying for your body. The typical breakfast of eggs is a great way to get that protein. And while it’s okay to have pancakes once in a while, make sure your breakfast doesn’t always consist of fats.

Weight Control

One of the most vital factors in weight control is eating a well-balanced breakfast every morning. Studies in both adults and children have shown that people who eat breakfast weigh less than people who don’t. In an effort to lose weight, some people believe that by skipping out on breakfast they are eating fewer calories a day. However, eating breakfast can reduce hunger throughout the day and get your metabolism working early.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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