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United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment

Qualified Healthcare Professionals from the Philippines

Since 2005, United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment (UMHR) has placed hundreds of qualified and reliable healthcare staff members across the United States. We specialize in the recruitment and placement of overseas Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistant, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Medical Technologists. 

UMHR serves clients in many U.S. States and cities and has a reputation for treating its healthcare workers with fairness, honesty, and respect.

Our healthcare workers sign a contract with the guarantee of a 3-year employment term, with the ability to continue employment for as long as they wish. Our healthcare workers enjoy full-time hours at a specific location (not traveling for short assignments), free housing for 2 months, assistance with transportation, obtaining their Social Security card, onboarding at their assignments, and ongoing contact with our dedicated, friendly service team.

Our History

UMHR first began as a source of nurses for United Methodist‘s skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, but, as fellow organizations learned of our successes finding nurses we expanded to help other nonprofits with their staffing needs. 

Solving the existing and projected healthcare staff shortages across much of the USA will require recruiting from abroad, as supplies of US-born Nurses will not meet demand. United Methodist decided that the Philippines offered the largest opportunity for a  steady supply of U.S.-qualified professionals who are grateful to work in our country. Since then, UMHR has built a large pipeline of medical staff, and has placed hundreds in many states.

UMHR has built a partnership with a licensed and well respected recruitment business in Manila. UMHR staff frequently travel overseas to interview candidates and ensure that recruitment operations flow smoothly.


  • Three Year “Leasing” of RNs or Permanent Hiring Options
  • Immigration Process Management
  • Candidate Sourcing & Pre-Screen
  • Candidate Background Checks & Medical Exams
  • Selected Candidate Delivery to Client & On-Boarding Support
  • Client Support Staff for the duration of Placement.
  • Immigration Legal Expertise


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