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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Lorenzo’s House supports families whose loved ones have Alzheimer’s

A mixed-race family--a father, mother, and two teenage sons--sits for a photo in front a long aisle of wooden pews.

The Lorenzo’s House Foundation is built around helping others who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, to make sure families know they’re not alone in the fight. Tragedy often strikes when we least expect it, especially in the case of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Chicagoan Diana Cose is seeing firsthand how harsh the reality of Alzheimer’s is. “This has been very […]

Partnership Spotlight: Eversound

An elderly woman in a pink shirt and gray pants, listens to something through her headphones

Many of us take what we hear for granted, whether it be the sound of birds chirping in the morning, the church bells ringing on a Sunday, or our favorite song being sung. However, people who are hard of hearing can find it more difficult to participate in many of the daily activities that others […]

Partnership Spotlight: Parasol Alliance

A senior aged male and female couple smile while pointing at something on their computer monitor

Amidst a challenging year, CMSS’s partnerships with incredible organizations have been instrumental in keeping our communities safe, entertained and communicating. Parasol Alliance, our technology partner, has been foundational in helping us to keep our communities connected. What is Parasol Alliance? Parasol Alliance offers in-house technology strategy and support exclusively for senior living communities such as […]

Partnership Spotlight: Living Proof Exhibit

A colorful collection of small hand-painted birdhouses sit on a wooden display shelf.

Many of us have a personal experience with cancer, whether we’re living with it or have seen a friend or loved one experience it. We know it can bring fear, frustration and loneliness — but finding connection can help. Countless Americans are on this journey together and can work with one another to change the […]

Partnership Spotlight: Lyric Opera Stage Artists

Members of the Lyric Opera Stage Artists pose for a group picture. Most members are wearing dress clothes that is in accordance to a green and red color scheme.

Chicago Methodist Senior Services prides itself on the opportunities we provide for staff and residents to experience the joy of music together. From having CoCo’s Songs for Seniors rent a 30-foot cherry picker bucket truck to serenade Wesley Place residents from a safe distance, to residents practicing learning the piano, there are no shortage of […]

Partnership Spotlight: The Honeycomb Project

A split screen of a child celebrating in one frame and an elderly woman and senior home care staff celebrating in another. Both locations feature yellow balloons in the background

Building and growing communities is an important part of the work CMSS and its partners do. Fostering relationships, giving people a sense of belonging and helping others is at the foundation of what we look for in a partner. The Honeycomb Project does all of this and more. The Honeycomb Project is Chicago’s go-to organization […]

Partnership Spotlight: Memory Farm

A man uses a garden hoe to cultivate the soil of a flower garden. In the foreground is a sign that reads "Flower Garden"

Partnerships are at the foundation of the important work we do here at CMSS. They energize, inspire and excite both our staff and residents. One of our most unique partnerships is with the Memory Farm. Memory Farm is a three-acre community in Elburn, IL offering farm-based activities for older adults experiencing memory loss. It’s a […]

Partnership Spotlight: Frontline Foods

Frontline Foods Partnership

CMSS is lucky and grateful to partner with outstanding organizations that align with our values of uplifting those around us by treating them with dignity, respect and compassion. While we often highlight our partners on social media, we felt it was time to take it one step further by introducing a new series: Partnership Spotlight. […]

Q&A: CMSS’ Partnership with the Civic Fellows of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Civic Fellows from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra pose together for a photo op

At the annual Spring Benefit Brunch in April, Chicago Methodist Senior Service (CMSS) debuted its brand new therapeutic music and wellness program, Sounds of Healing. This innovative program will incorporate individualized therapeutic music into the overall healthcare plans of CMSS residents, helping manage stress, promote healing and enhance memory. One goal of Sounds of Healing […]