Tips to Help Care for a Stroke Survivor

Two senior adults smile while posing for a picture

Caring for someone who has had a stroke is a challenge. The new responsibilities can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Here are some tips to help make life easier […]

How to Make Flying with Seniors a Breeze

an airplane flying under a blue sky

Traveling with your loved ones is one of the most special ways to spend time together. Certain aspects of traveling with older adults, including flying, can present unique challenges in […]

Seven Successful Ways to Stay Smoke Free

Kicking the habit can save you from various types of cancer, lung disease, heart attacks and strokes. The actual act of quitting takes a great deal of time, patience and willpower.

After a Fall

Learning how to care for yourself after a fall can help you avoid making an injury worse.

Therapeutic Delight

Recently, I took a course that focused on life writing and was surprised by the therapeutic benefits it offered. For me, life writing felt a lot like journaling, and I found it to be exceptionally reflective.

Improving Health 20 Minutes at a Time

The idea of naps got me searching for any positive health benefits or evidence to help me justify inserting naps in my weekly schedule. I found some interesting information.

Don’t Fall Victim to Email or Internet Fraud

I almost paid $95 to obtain software that would allow me to work from home and essentially double my income. I trusted my mother and her source, and then I trusted the MSNBC website, but they all turned out to be bogus.

Tips to Stay Fit

Each week, I applaud my grandmother for attending a local exercise class. Though the social aspect is the draw, the benefit is a healthier self. Recently, I was given the chance to observe the class and interview her instructor Al Schmidt, an entertaining man with a passion for staying fit.

Surfing the Web Doubles Brain Activity in Older Adults

Recent scientific discoveries have uncovered a host of peculiar habits that are now deemed good for your health. Behaviors such as surfing the web, chewing gum, or simply looking through old photos have been proven to improve some aspects of your health.

Tips from an Orthopedic Nurse

Nurse Kathy Juran has been in the orthopedic world for over thirty years as a confident and skilled caretaker. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with her and […]

How Important are Grandparents?

A recent survey released by AARP finds that 90% of grandparents believe they play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives. Based on this survey’s results, it appears their assumptions might be right on target.

Remember Radio Theater?

In the 1940s, the radio-play (now seemingly forgotten) was a common pastime in America. Many of our greatest fantasies, fears, and struggles were broadcast 24 hours-a-day directly into our homes. We closed our eyes, soaked up the words of our favorite heroes and villains, and shared their journeys with our families and friends.

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