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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Movies that Older Adults Can Enjoy

Movies have the power to move us, and perhaps inspire something new to think about with our lives. We have curated a list of great films that older adults may enjoy. From drama to comedy and almost everything in between, we may just have something for you.

Bringing Art to Life – Art-Based Memory Program

Since 2016, CMSS has partnered with Bringing Art to Life, a program founded by Dr. Daniel C Potts in Alabama where it found success before beginning its first and only out-of-state location, here in Chicago with us. BATL is an intergenerational art therapy and life story preservation program for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other […]

Using Music to Heal During COVID-19

A closeup of a record player needle dropping onto a spinning record

Here in Illinois, we’re fast approaching a month since Gov. J.B. Pritzker ordered us to shelter-in-place. The order forced us to rethink our day-to-day lives and reevaluate our priorities from the boundaries of our home. For me, this meant exploring my longstanding passion for music and using it as a way to heal and cope […]

Sounds of Healing Series: How Playing Music Impacts Memory and Mood for Older Adults

A woman listens to music on her headphones as part of a music therapy memory program

Have you ever strummed a guitar, played a piano or sang a melody? Most people have. But you may not have realized playing music was changing your brain and impacting your memory. At Chicago Methodist Senior Services, here’s how playing music influences older adults’ memory and mood. How playing music improves memory for older adults […]

Sounds of Healing Series: Does Music Therapy Work?

A pair of hands plays on a Washburn piano as part of a music therapy program

When people think of healing, they often think of visiting a doctor and taking a prescribed medication. But healing doesn’t always come from a routine appointment at the doctor — it can be found in many forms, including music. Everyone can relate to feeling blue until you hear a song that turns your whole day […]

Chicago Musicians Build Relationships with Older Adults

Civic Fellows from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

By Henri Harps Music has an undeniable impact on the well-being of older adults, and even has therapeutic benefits for people with memory loss. One of my primary goals as Music Programming Coordinator at Chicago Methodist Senior Services (CMSS) is to bring as much music into residents’ lives as possible. When partnering with music organizations […]

Q&A: CMSS’ Partnership with the Civic Fellows of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Civic Fellows from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra pose together for a photo op

At the annual Spring Benefit Brunch in April, Chicago Methodist Senior Service (CMSS) debuted its brand new therapeutic music and wellness program, Sounds of Healing. This innovative program will incorporate individualized therapeutic music into the overall healthcare plans of CMSS residents, helping manage stress, promote healing and enhance memory. One goal of Sounds of Healing […]

Music & Medicine: The Importance of Music Enrichment in Senior Care

A woman listens to music on her headphones as part of a music therapy memory program

Often all is takes is to hear a familiar song to brighten your day. Music can powerfully evoke emotions and memories. Because of its versatility and near constant presence in our lives and social environments, music is a useful medium for promoting and maintaining engagement in health-related activities and a providing a healing environment. Music […]

Three Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Close up of hands drawing with a yellow marker

Have you ever found comfort in painting a picture, creating pottery or even discussing an artist’s work you enjoy? Art therapy is a creative form of therapy for older adults with memory loss, or people experiencing mental or physical stress. Unlike a regular art class, art therapy sessions are led by professional art therapists. They’re […]

Memory Loss Therapy: Helping People Through Art Therapy

an older woman and a CMSS staff member work on an art project, a common form of memory loss therapy

Art therapy can be very beneficial for older adults who have memory loss or difficulties communicating. Memory loss therapy, led by an art therapist, can include drawing, painting, sculpture or other forms of visual art. Jenn Ross, an art therapist at Chicago Methodist Senior Services, notes that art therapy often helps to reduce anxiety and […]

Our Favorite TV Shows Featuring Older Actors

senior african american couple watching tv

From public stories of defending the nation to personal stories of dealing with heartbreak or falling in love, these are a few of our favorite TV shows featuring older actors.

Music Therapy for Dementia

In a recent New York Times article, “Giving Alzheimer’s Patients Their Way, Even Chocolate,” the use of food, art, music, and exercise were highlighted as means to generate positive emotions and to engage people with dementia in positive activities. Last week I had the pleasure of witnessing the power of music, as part of my […]