Movies that Older Adults Can Enjoy

Movies have the power to move us, and perhaps inspire something new to think about with our lives. We have curated a list of great films that older adults may enjoy. From drama to comedy and almost everything in between, we may just have something for you.

Partnership Spotlight: Lyric Opera Stage Artists

Members of the Lyric Opera Stage Artists pose for a group picture. Most members are wearing dress clothes that is in accordance to a green and red color scheme.

Chicago Methodist Senior Services prides itself on the opportunities we provide for staff and residents to experience the joy of music together. From having CoCo’s Songs for Seniors rent a […]

Partnership Spotlight: The Honeycomb Project

A split screen of a child celebrating in one frame and an elderly woman and senior home care staff celebrating in another. Both locations feature yellow balloons in the background

Building and growing communities is an important part of the work CMSS and its partners do. Fostering relationships, giving people a sense of belonging and helping others is at the […]

Get to Know CMSS’ Community Partners

Two people stand outside alongside a banner promoting the Andersonville Arts Week & Fest

With the holiday season upon us, we’re thinking more than ever at Chicago Methodist Senior Services about how grateful we are to be part of a caring and collaborative community. […]

Summertime Senior Living in Andersonville

A woman looks through the flowers at the Andersonville Farmer's Market

There are few cities that compare to summertime in Chicago. With a beautiful lakefront, an exciting downtown scene and dozens of charming neighborhoods, it’s a great place to consider when […]

Three Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Close up of hands drawing with a yellow marker

Have you ever found comfort in painting a picture, creating pottery or even discussing an artist’s work you enjoy? Art therapy is a creative form of therapy for older adults […]

Wesley Place Featured on ABC 7 Chicago

On February 17, 2016, Random Acts of Flowers, a nonprofit organization which delivers bouquets to individuals in healthcare facilities throughout Chicago, stopped by Wesley Place to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day. […]

Caregivers: Ways to Engage Your Loved Ones in Fun Activities

Senior Asian couple reading magazine

In addition to the games and craft projects we’ve been discussing, there are many other activities that you can enjoy with your older loved ones. Whether your loved one is dealing with dementia or a physical illness, many of these activities can be adapted to fit their needs and abilities.

Fun and Therapeutic Arts and Crafts Projects for Older Adults

Arts and crafts can be more than just a fun recreational activity for seniors: as The Assisted Living Federation of America and the American Art Therapy Association explain, art therapy allows older adults to work through their psychological issues more readily than traditional talk therapy.

Rainy Day Activity: Track Your Family Tree

A black and white vintage photograph of a family from the early decades of the 20th century

If you’ve ever wanted to track your family history, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by the number of resources available to you. A quick Google search presents an overwhelming number of […]

How to Make Flying with Seniors a Breeze

an airplane flying under a blue sky

Traveling with your loved ones is one of the most special ways to spend time together. Certain aspects of traveling with older adults, including flying, can present unique challenges in […]

The Chicago Botanic Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden

I finally made my way up to the Chicago Botanic Garden, and I must say it was more than phenomenal – it was closer to miraculous!

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