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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Drink Tea to Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Did you know that drinking three or more cups of black or green tea a day reduces the risk of a stroke by 21 percent? The results of a recent study conducted at the University of California in Los Angeles indicate that this is the case. It must be pointed out, however, that the same benefit was not found with herb-based teas.

Researchers say that the beneficial effects are likely due to cell protecting antioxidants in the tea. Antioxidants are more commonly associated with fresh fruits and vegetables and red wine.

Black and green tea also has the advantage of having few or no negative side effects. It’s also nice when you consider that several brands of black and green teas are easily available – and inexpensive – at your local super markets.

Keep in mind, however, that excessive caffeine intake may contribute to high blood pressure which is a major risk factor for strokes. Consult your doctor first if you are considering increasing your tea intake.

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