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Thursday, September 12, 2024

A Day at Hartwell Place

Any fitness fanatic can tell you that exercise does wonders for both your body and your overall health, especially as you get older — which is why regular exercise is so important. The same goes for exercising your brain. For those with memory loss, staying mentally active is key. If you are looking for a long-term assisted living community that specializes in memory care, you’ll want to make sure it provides opportunities to keep the mind as active as possible.

Hartwell Place is Chicago Methodist Senior Services’ assisted living community that exclusively caters to those with memory loss. Hartwell Place provides caring staff, engaging programs and enjoyable outings for residents — meaning everyone at Hartwell has plenty of options to keep their minds active while living in a community where they can feel at home.

Care that feels like home

Hartwell offers a cozy, home-like environment and 29 suites that residents make their own. Every resident assistant in Hartwell provides care to only five or six residents, meaning that they get to know each resident personally.

In the morning residents head down to the dining area for restaurant-style breakfast. At Hartwell, every meal includes a choice from daily specials as well as “always available” options, so it’s easy for each person to find something they like and that works with their dietary restrictions.

Art, music and more

At Hartwell, residents always have something to do. We know that it is important for many people with memory loss to stay busy to help minimize anxiety. We offer at least two programs every hour between 10 a.m. to noon, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., and residents can participate in as many as they like.

These programs include art and music classes, all tailored for people with memory loss. Some programs are specifically therapeutic. Pets visit weekly, and there are often service projects for residents to participate in. Currently, many members of the Hartwell Place community are working on a service project for homeless people in the Chicago-area called “New Life for Old Bags,” which transforms plastic bags into sleeping mats.

For residents who don’t want to join any of the programs offered during a certain hour, there are always opportunities to socialize in each floor’s lounge or in other living spaces within the community. Now that spring weather is finally here to stay, residents and staff go for daily walks in the neighborhood stopping to chat with neighbors or discuss a flower or interesting tree along the way.  The beautiful garden at Hartwell is a great spot to sit and relax or spend time with visiting family and friends.

Frequent outings and entertainment

Hartwell Place also offers frequent excursions to Andersonville or downtown Chicago. These trips provide opportunities to stay engaged with the larger community and explore the history and culture that Chicago has to offer, such as with visits to the Art Institute of Chicago or the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In the summer months, residents often visit the Andersonville Farmers Market to get a snack or flowers or just to take a stroll.

Parties and entertainment are always on the calendar!  For example, there’s an upcoming luau event planned, in which residents and staff will gather for some festive entertainment in our courtyard after dinner. While enjoying the summer weather and sharing desserts, residents can watch the dancing, and even try it out for themselves.

Friends and family members are welcome to join any event or excursion. Families can visit at any time, and often join residents for programs, outings or just to spend time together casually. Hartwell Place staff puts a high priority on giving families privacy and visiting access at any time of day.

Does Hartwell Place sound like the memory care community you’ve been looking for? Contact us to take a tour today.

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