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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Three Reasons to Consider Short-Term Rehab

If you have an upcoming surgery, planning for your recovery is just as important as preparing for the surgery itself. Will you go home and seek care from an in-home therapist? Will you consider short-term rehab? Or is another option best for you?

Whether you need orthopedic or cardiovascular surgery, or require stroke rehabilitation, short-term rehab can help you feel and live as well as possible. Before you make a decision, consider the reasons short-term rehab might be the best choice for your recovery plan.

A multidisciplinary short-term rehab team will cover all your needs.

When you receive rehabilitation from a dedicated short-term rehab community, you have access to a large team of healthcare professionals who all have your wellness in mind. With a multidisciplinary team there to support you, you can rest assured knowing all of your needs will be met.

In a short-term rehab community like Chicago Methodist Senior Services’ Wesley Place, you’ll receive direct care from a range of experts, including geriatric physicians, nurse practitioners, and specialists like cardiologists and physiatrists. These experts also include a team of occupational, speech and physical therapists to help you navigate your unique recovery process.

You’ll receive specialized care for your unique path to recovery.

Some short-term rehab communities have programs dedicated to a particular type of recovery. Our HeartBeats cardiac rehabilitation program at Wesley Place is specifically designed for people recovering from bypass surgery, a heart attack, heart disease or another cardiac event. In most rehabilitation programs, people visit with their doctor once a month. In the HeartBeats program, people get one-on-one time with our cardiologist and nurse practitioner every week, as well as support from specialized therapists.

Wesley Place also offers skilled nursing for people who also need more long-term support with daily activities, memory care and other needs.

Short-term rehab is designed with your long-term wellbeing in mind.

While you may want to get back home as soon as possible after surgery, taking the right precautions will set you up for long-term success. Short-term rehab is just one part of your recovery process. It’s designed to give you the tools you need to maintain good health and get back to enjoying the things you love. And, because short-term rehab professionals are trained to anticipate your needs, they can connect you with caregivers or other support you can use when you get home.

If short-term rehab sounds like a good fit for you, Wesley Place may have what you need. Wesley Place offers everything mentioned here, as well as private, suite-like rooms with flat-screen TVs and cable, Wi-Fi, a state-of-the-art gym and friendly, professional staff who will be excited to get to know you. Book a tour to see for yourself, or look over our guide of what to expect from a short-term rehab stay at Wesley Place.

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