If you will be going in for an elective surgery, like a hip or knee replacement, we can help you plan your rehabilitation. Get the information you need at one of our pre-rehab events or contact us for a one-on-one chat.

To find out about our next pre-rehab event, schedule a tour, or pre-register for a room, call us at 773-769-5500.


Whether your hospital stay was planned or unexpected, your discharge planner will refer your information to us after you let them know you’ve chosen Wesley Place. If you are approved under your Medicare and/or insurance benefits, we are equipped to treat your diagnosis.

Prior to your transition, a Wesley Place Rehab team member will visit you in the hospital to answer all of your questions and concerns.


Your discharge planner will arrange for transportation from the hospital to Wesley Place, usually via medicar or ambulance. The hospital will also send us your doctor’s orders so that we can prepare the necessary medication and equipment for you.


When you arrive, we will show you to your private room and address your immediate needs. Within one hour, a nurse will conduct an assessment and administer any necessary medication. You’ll also meet with one of our dining team members so we can learn about your dietary needs.

You’ll also meet a physician within 72 hours, who will be readily available to you throughout your stay. Nursing care is provided 24/7 and Therapy is offered 7 days a week. Our multi-disciplinary team creates a care plan and works with you throughout your stay to keep you comfortable and progressing toward your goal. We’ll communicate with your doctors about your progress.

Going home

The day you arrive is the day we start planning when you’ll get to leave, recovered. As your discharge date approaches, our social worker will make plans to ensure that you get the home health or outpatient therapy you need to continue your recovery. We’ll also make sure you have the proper medication and medical equipment and will arrange your travel to get you home safely.

Sometimes guests who’d like long-term assistance after rehab choose to move to an assisted living, skilled nursing or supportive living community. If this is the case after your stay, you’ll receive priority access to our other communities and services, and we’ll stay by your side to make the transition smooth.

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To find out more about short-term rehab at Wesley Place, please call us at 773-769-5500.


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