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What’s New at Chicago Methodist Senior Services in 2019?

We’re always on a mission to expand our services and improve quality of life for residents. So, what’s new at Chicago Methodist Senior Services in 2019?

This year, you can expect new life enrichment programming, including more music and art services. CMSS is also broadening its reach beyond Andersonville with its acquisition of West Suburban Senior Services in Bellwood, Ill.

Innovative life enrichment programs

In 2019, CMSS plans to take its commitment to life enrichment programming even further. As CMSS Arts Programming Coordinator Jenn Ross says, the overarching theme of all CMSS music and art programming is to provide older adults with support and opportunities for creative expression.

“Every program I implement is very intentional,” Ross said. “It’s not just arts and crafts. These programs give residents opportunities to express themselves in really thoughtful ways.”

Some of the most beloved programs already in place at CMSS include TimeSlips, which uses the power of creative storytelling to engage people with memory loss; and Creative Community Connections, an intergenerational pen pal program connecting CMSS residents with artists across the globe. In 2019, CMSS is introducing brand new arts programs, including:

  • Art Insights, an art history-based program provided by the Art Institute of Chicago. Trained volunteers visit Wesley Place, Hartwell Place and Covenant Home of Chicago to  provide presentations and interactive lecture-style discussions about art and artists.
  • “Let’s Read!” Book Club, a weekly club for Covenant Home residents, where members read and discuss a short story each week.
  • Weave It Forward, where residents weave bookmarks to donate to local libraries. The program is led by Art Institute of Chicago graduate student Gina Jeong.
  • Three Free Little Libraries, which were generously donated to each of CMSS’ residential communities by Edgewater Reads’ Free Little Libraries. Residents will decorate and assemble these libraries. Then, they’ll be installed in front of each community in the spring. If you live in the area, feel free to contribute to them!

Residents will also get to experience the history, culture, music and art of cities across the U.S. in CMSS’ “12 City Tour” program. Each month, residents can participate in activities based on a different city. In January, residents experienced the best of Chicago, February will focus on New Orleans and in March, residents will “visit” Las Vegas.

Music Programming Coordinator Henri Harps will give lectures on music history for each city every month. Harps, who joined the CMSS team in late 2018, plans to implement various music programs in 2019 through the Music & Wellness Task Force.

12 City Tour


Expanding to Bellwood

In January, CMSS acquired West Suburban Senior Services, which provides adult day services, mental and physical health services and LGBT support programming in Bellwood, just west of Chicago near Oak Park. With this expansion, CMSS plans to add more arts, music and life enrichment programming to the area. Stay tuned in 2019 to learn more about this partnership.

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