Caring for someone who has had a stroke is a challenge. The new responsibilities can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Here are some tips to help make life easier on both of you as you provide care.

Physical Challenges

Physical challenges are often the most obvious. Common ones include:

There are many devices available to make these actions easier and safer; most are available at a local medical supply store or pharmacy. The physical or occupational therapist can work with you as you learn to use them. Some common devices:

Transferring your loved one can be dangerous to both of you if done improperly. Here are some tips on how to transfer safely:

Communication Challenges

When speech is affected, communication can be frustrating. Ask the speech therapist for information about using these tools to make communication easier:

Enlisting Help

Caregiver Schedule:  Get several family members, friends, or hired caregivers on a regular schedule. This will ensure that no one person takes on too much burden. If you are the primary caregiver, make sure you have regular days off each week to avoid physical injury and emotional burnout.

Encourage your Loved One:Make sure that the person you are caring for sticks to their rehab program and does as much as possible on their own. This will ease your burden and help them return to independence as quickly as possible.

Support Groups:There are support groups available for survivors of stroke and their families. Check with your local hospital or go online to find one near you. These groups not only provide a support system for you and your loved one; they will also give you great tips and practical information.

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