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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Three Ways CMSS is Bringing Music to Resident Care

Music has a profound, personal impact on everyone. It means something different to each person, and older adults can find significant benefits in music. Music can help manage stress, alleviate pain and create connections between people.

One of our goals at CMSS is to bring the power of music into the lives of all older adults. Our programs are ambitious and unique because we believe every older adult deserves to have therapeutic music integrated into their care plans.

Here’s how we’re integrating music into resident programs and care this year.

Partnerships with local music organizations

We’re committed to expanding our partnerships with as many musical organizations as possible because we believe each organization brings something unique to residents. Through our partnership with Music & MemorySM, we pair volunteers with residents experiencing memory loss to create meaningful relationships centered around music. Our volunteers play customized playlists filled with songs that hold personal value to the residents they’re working with. Each pair shares time listening to these tunes, building a bond and ultimately, creating a positive impact on the resident’s quality of life.

Live music performances

What’s better than listening to music? Listening to it live.

Another partnership we take pride in is with Musicians on Call. This organization brings volunteers to perform live music for residents who might have difficulty leaving their rooms. In November, country music star Michael Ray played for CMSS residents, staff members and volunteers.

Our partnerships also include some of the best local musicians in Chicago. CMSS is lucky and thankful to work with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Music Institute of Chicago, Old Town School of Folk Music and other well-known institutions who offer performances for residents.

We’ve had wonderful experiences inviting orchestras, quartets and jazz musicians to perform in our communities. These musicians play tunes from Bach to the Beatles, catering to a variety of tastes. These performances are both enjoyable and allow residents to remember and talk about their favorite songs and artists.

Integrating therapeutic music into resident care with “Sounds of Healing” program

The “Sounds of Healing” program is CMSS’ groundbreaking music and medicine program. This program encompasses our musical partnerships, therapeutic music services and education for staff members and the community about the benefits of music for older adults.

“Sounds of Healing” combines therapeutic music programming with healthcare, as resident physician Dr. DeBacker identifies how music could be beneficial for each resident individually. By integrating music into resident care plans, “Sounds of Healing” aims to improve older adults’ overall well-being. It also gets the CMSS staff involved with opportunities to include music in caregiving and to bring new ideas to the table.

At CMSS, we see therapeutic music as a key to happiness, improved health, enhanced memory and much more. Check out our blog to stay up to date about how we’re bringing music to resident care.

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