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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Remember Radio Theater?

As we grow older, the urge to reminisce often grows bolder with age. It’s not uncommon for us to seek the entertainments of our youth, allowing them to moderate our trips down memory lane. Imagine this:

A comfortable night, huddled around the family radio, surrounded by the people you love the most. Children lying belly-down on the carpet as voice after voice reverberate off the walls, filling the room with lush dramas of love, betrayal, and adventure.

In the 1940s, the radio play (now seemingly forgotten) was a common pastime in America. Many of our greatest fantasies, fears, and struggles were broadcast 24 hours-a-day directly into our homes. We closed our eyes, soaked up the words of our favorite heroes and villains, and shared their journeys with our families and friends.

So what if we’d like to revisit some of those lost gems of yesteryear? How would we go about finding them? Good news! They’re on the Internet. Even better news! They’re absolutely free.

Best Radio Play Sources Online

1. Old Radio Shows

If you know virtually nothing about old fashion radio plays, don’t worry – you just need a little guidance. is a great place to start. Each blog post features a quick historical synopsis, immediately followed by a free audio stream. The site’s design is elegant, modern, and easy to navigate. Below you’ll find a link to a fantastic little piece celebrating the early radio appearances of the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor: Remembered in Radio

2. Botar’s Old Time Radio Podcast

Almost everyone uses iTunes – and radio play enthusiasts are no exception. If you’re not the blog-reading type, then a podcast might be more up your alley. With over 301 free radio shows and counting, Botar’s Old Time Radio Podcast makes downloading the greatest dramas and comedies of the bygone era both free and easy. Just plug in your smart phone or MP3 player,and suddenly you’ve got a vast world of vintage entertainment in your pocket. This is a valuable resource for any caretaker and a fountain of inspiration for those who just want to kick back and meander through the good ole’ days.

Botar’s Old Time Radio Podcast

3. Old Time Radio Fan: Continous Stream

Sometimes the hardest decision to make is where to start. Old Time Radio Fan: Continuous Stream solves that problem for you. After all, doesn’t it just feel good to flip on the old noise box and tune in? Follow the link below, read the simple directions, and you’ll be reveling in the glorious sounds of America’s Golden Age in no time.

Old Time Radio Fan: Continuous Stream

What are some of your favorite radio plays? Do you know any other great websites or tools for accessing them? Feel free to share your stories and experiences in the comment box below.

Justin Turner


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