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Thursday, September 12, 2024

New Study Gives Hope for a Method to Delay Alzheimer’s

Currently, there is no effective way to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease, but a solution would be welcomed with open arms. A progressive and often relentless disease that affects well over 5 million Americans, the thought of stopping or delaying Alzheimer’s disease gives family members, caregivers, and those affected by this terrible disease hope for the future.

A four-month study of 104 subjects conducted by researchers at the University of Washington has shown that squirting insulin deep into the nose caused the memories of subjects to improve or remain the same. The memories of the study group who received the placebo got worse. While these results are encouraging, researchers are stressing to the public that much more research must be done before the treatment is considered valid and safe, and that it is certainly not ready for the public in its current state.

In addition to repeating the study, the researchers need to find out if there are any long term effects associated with inserting insulin into the brain before it can be used by the general public. For now, all we can do is wait and hope this method remains promising, but early results are hopeful that we may have made a breakthrough in the fight to find a treatment effective in slowing or preventing the onset of early Alzheimer’s disease.

Read the whole New York Times article at: “A Squirt of Insulin May Delay Alzheimer’s.”

Michelle Hartley
Marketing & Communications

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