Caring for a loved one with dementia is a challenge. If you are caring for them at home, you bear full responsibility for their well-being, and the precautions you take must increase as their needs progress. Here are some things to consider:

Take Appropriate Safety Precautions

Reduce Stress in the Environment

Take Breaks

It’s vital that, as a caregiver, you take appropriate breaks to refuel and refresh yourself. If you have family or friends who are willing to help, take them up on it. Work together to create a schedule; this way, the full burden of caregiving does not fall on one person. Managing health care, finances, and day-to-day activities is overwhelming, so share the responsibilities.

Consider having a professional caregiver provide respite care on a regular basis. They can help prepare meals, provide escorts to doctor appointments, and aid in personal care. You might also consider using adult day services. These site-based programs provide structure and stimulation for your loved one while allowing you time to yourself.

Regardless of which resources you use, be sure to carve out personal time to manage your own life, pursue interests, and nurture other personal relationships. A healthy person makes a much more patient and capable caregiver.

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