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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Maintaining a Culture of Person-Directed Care at the Pioneer Network Conference

Jeanne Heid-Grubman, CMSS’ Corporate Director of Memory Care, recently attended the ‘Pioneering a New Culture of Aging 2022 Conference’ to further the conversation about a positive culture within eldercare. The conference allowed attendees to learn about the many new methods and culture changes necessary to shift eldercare to a place where all care and support is person-directed rather than system-directed (Pioneer Network, 2022).

In describing the conference, Jeanne Heid-Grubman stated,

“This was my 17th Pioneer conference, and it was amazing. The energy, passion, and enthusiasm at this meeting were so intense that you couldn’t walk away untouched by the experience. I went to sessions on many topics meant to challenge the traditional ways of thinking about providing care for people as they age. The theme was on enhancing lives, not just providing standard care. Further, there was such an advantage in attending this conference, as we had the opportunity to be and connect with others with the same vision and ideals. I’ve already marked my calendar for next July in Pittsburgh.”

At CMSS, we place a high value on welcoming and embracing our residents as individuals with independent patterns, preferences, and needs. Our staff aims to provide person-directed care that ensures our residents feel seen and heard in their wishes and respect. CMSS’ priority is providing and furthering residents’ mental and physical well-being through life-enriching programs, a network of support, and a dedicated, expert staff of caregivers. We are confident that the insights gained from our Corporate Director of Memory Care’s attendance at this year’s Pioneer Network conference will impact our continuously innovative strategy of providing the highest caliber of care to CMSS residents

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