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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Governor Quinn Signs Senior-Focused Laws into Effect at CMSS

Earlier this week CMSS had the pleasure of hosting Governor Pat Quinn as he signed two new laws that protect seniors and vulnerable adults.

Video credit: The Office of Governor Quinn

As CMSS residents, members of the media and fellow elected officials looked on, Governor Quinn revealed his personal experience in witnessing changes to the rights of senior citizens in his lifetime. The new laws ensure that complaints about managed care facilities can be filed confidentially and electronically.

Senator Heather Steans spoke highly of CMSS President, Bill Lowe, and the quality of CMSS facilities, while at the event.

“[Wesley Place] really is a beautiful facility,” said Steans. “Everyone here gets phenomenal care.” Steans’ chief of staff received rehabilitative care at Wesley Place after a surgery and she commended CMSS for its quality of care.

“It’s a wonderfully human place, and I want to say thanks to Governor Quinn for continuing us down the path [to ensure] that every senior here in Illinois is going to get good care in a facility that is held accountable at high standards.”

For more information on the laws that were signed at CMSS on August 18, 2014, visit Governor Quinn’s website.

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