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Thursday, September 12, 2024

A Day in the Life of a Caregiver

Day In The Life

 Have you ever wondered what a day as a caregiver looks like? Whether a live-in, paid caregiver or a family member, it’s hard to truly depict a caregiver’s day as each varies. Take a look at one of their busy days below.


7:30 am: Rise and shine! The caregiver wakes up, gets ready for the day and then wakes up the person they care for. The caregiver pays particular attention to any personal care that may be required first thing after waking.

9:00 am: The caregiver and care recipient enjoy breakfast together, which the caregiver has prepared. This is generally the time that many care recipients take their medication for the day as well.

10:00 am: Time to exercise! For anyone capable of exercise, it is important to work moderate activity into every day. Most caregivers will lead a light aerobics session or go on a walk with the person or people they care for to get their blood flowing and keep their bodies moving.

11:00 am: The caregiver helps the person they care for get to and from any doctor, dentist or other appointments scheduled for the day, and sometimes the two run errands together.


12:00 pm: Once some chores have been completed, the caregiver will prepare lunch. Lunch is a great time for the caregiver the person they care for to decide what they want to do that afternoon. Sometimes, friends may join for lunch as well.

2:00 pm: Time for a mid-day nap. Depending on the health and energy levels of the care recipient, they may like to take a rest while the caregiver finishes up tasks around the house. This time is often productive for the caregiver, and can be used for tasks like scheduling doctor’s appointments, washing dishes or preparing for dinner.

3:30 pm: After a rest, it’s time to exercise the mind. Caregivers know that it is imperative to keep your mind active, so they will play cards, board games or do crosswords with those they care for.

5:00 pm: If it’s nice outside the caregiver and patient may take a walk or spend some time outside. Getting fresh air and change of scenery is always a nice cap to the day.


6:00 pm: Dinnertime! The caregiver prepares dinner and the two enjoy their evening meal together. This is another time that many care recipients must take their medications or have other health needs attended to.

7:00 pm: After dinner it’s time to unwind and relax. This period of the day could consist of reading a book, watching a television show or participating in a hobby. The evening is often a challenging time for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, so caregivers are often focused during this time on helping those they care for manage fleeting memories, confusion and anxiety.

9:00 pm: Goodnight! The caregiver assists with additional personal care needs before helping the person they care for get into bed. Depending on that person’s needs, the caregiver may stay overnight in order to be on hand should assistance be needed, or they may go home for some rest of their own at this time.

No two caregivers have the same day. It all depends on the needs of the person they’re caring for, the challenges of each day and role of the caregiver. This is just a small glimpse into their world, but every caregiver will tell you that there is no “typical day.”

If you know a caregiver, make sure to thank them for their hard work and offer to give them a hand. If you are a caregiver yourself, thank you for the amazing work you do from morning to night. Please check out our event calendar as we have support groups for caregivers every month: Events

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