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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Why Older Adults Enjoy Flexible Senior Center Programs

While many seniors make the choice to live in a senior community, some prefer to stay in their own homes or with family members. For those older adults, we offer popular programs at our senior centers like exercise activities, line dancing, brain games, daily lunches, movie showings, sessions on nutrition and legal advice.

CMSS provides these flexible programs for seniors because research shows older adults who visit senior centers see improvements in physical, social, emotional, mental and economic well-being. Our senior center programs give older adults independence, provide opportunities to socialize and stay active and ensure they have access to important information.

Our senior programs provide opportunities for independence

At CMSS, we believe seniors should have the independence they deserve. That’s why at CMSS Bellwood Senior Center, adults over 60 can stop in at any time for free activities, advice and general support, or for daily lunches that range from just $2 to $5.

Many of the seniors who attend our programs live on their own in apartments nearby, while other members of our community receive daily help from a caregiver or family member. Each of these seniors has the independence to decide if they want to come to Bellwood to participate in activities, eat lunch and socialize with others.

CMSS senior programs offer time to socialize and stay active

Many seniors who visit Bellwood enjoy meeting new people, seeing familiar faces and feeling like part of a community. The older adults who participate in our programs create strong friendships through dancing, exercising, playing cards, watching movies and more.

One senior experiencing memory loss plays our weekly brain games, and she’s found that the games have helped sharpen her mind, and spending time with her peers improves her mood.

Our partnership with Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) also provides opportunities for members of the LGBTQ older adult community to socialize with one another at discussion groups and Friday lunches.

CMSS ensures seniors have access to important information

In addition to social hours and lunch events, we make sure seniors have all of the informational support they need. For example, CMSS recently hosted a special workshop by the Center for Disability and Elder Law (CDEL) which provided seniors with free access to lawyers to create or update wills, power of attorney documents, living wills and more.

CMSS also provides twice-monthly nutrition education to our clients provided by Illinois Extension. Seniors can learn about healthy eating options, meal planning and making healthier choices on a budget. During this program, Illinois Extension often prepares a meal with participants and discusses the nutritional aspects of the ingredients.

Through programs like these, senior centers connect older adults to important programs and support that can help them stay healthy and independent.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about our senior services, you can find more information here.

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