When memory loss becomes a part of your life, you deserve care that’s about you, not just your diagnosis. What is memory care? It’s care tailored to the unique needs of people with memory loss, and can be a part of or provided through home care, assisted living or skilled nursing care.

What is memory care designed to address?

Memory care is about helping you feel your best, no matter what types of assistance you may need. Caregivers trained in memory care help people manage the symptoms of memory loss. These symptoms go beyond forgetfulness to include anxiety, disorientation, lack of appetite and others.

Memory care communities help you establish a routine, so you get the regular sleep, nutrition and medication you need to be as healthy as possible. A regular schedule will help you minimize anxiety and feel your best. And, you’ll be free of the day-to-day stress of keeping up with the laundry and the dishes, so you can focus your time on the things you really care about and enjoy.

When is it time to transition to a memory care community?

Many people with memory loss live at home with help from family and friends, but this becomes harder as memory loss progresses, or if it goes along with a decline in physical health.

Everyone experiences memory loss differently, but there are some common signs that more assistance could be helpful. Keep an eye on the following.

Do you have trouble:

Do you need more:

Are you worried about:

Are your loved ones:

Even if only a few of these questions apply to you today, it’s a good idea to research memory care communities now, especially if your family has a history of memory loss. Ask for help from your doctor and loved ones when considering your options. We recommend touring communities you’re interested in. Talk to people who live and work there, and eat a meal at the community. You can also participate in a program or event, which is one of the best ways to get to know a memory care community.

What is memory care like at a CMSS community?  

At our vibrant communities, the focus is on you. Hartwell Place is an intimate assisted living community, and Wesley Place offers more advanced memory care in a skilled nursing environment.

At Chicago Methodist Senior Services, you’ll find care including:

Here, every day, every program and every event is designed so that whatever your care needs, you can participate. Does CMSS’ memory care sound like it could be a fit for you? Book a tour today.

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