Imagine having a caregiver who understands what it’s actually like to live with memory loss. Embodied Labs’ virtual reality labs, which allow senior care staff to virtually step into the shoes of someone with memory loss, make that a possibility.

Senior care technology advancements like these impact the way caregivers approach care, and benefit older adults’ quality of life. At Chicago Methodist Senior Services, we get to take part in some of the most exciting advances in senior care technology.

The latest senior care technology at CMSS

At CMSS, we’re always looking for ways to innovate with new senior care technology so we can offer residents cutting-edge care. That’s why we were so excited to partner with virtual reality organization Embodied Labs in 2017. In addition to training with Embodied Labs’ programs, CMSS has played a key role in helping them develop training programs.

Embodied Labs partnered with CMSS to learn more about the daily experiences of people with Alzheimer’s disease, including their interactions with caregivers. The Embodied Labs team interviewed CMSS staff and residents, and even shadowed some residents with memory loss to get a better understanding of their world. Then, they applied those insights to what is now The Beatriz Lab.

Embodied Labs’ virtual reality tool

Using The Beatriz Lab, a caregiver can step inside the world of someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Each part of the program allows caregivers to experience Beatriz’s life at a different stage of Alzheimer’s. In addition to The Beatriz Lab, Embodied Labs offers The Alfred Lab, which portrays the experience of a man who is hard of hearing and experiencing vision changes.

CMSS staff have all since been trained using Embodied Labs’ technology. Caregivers can now, for a brief time, step into the shoes of someone living with these conditions. This experience helps make them more understanding caregivers, so they can better help residents live life to the fullest.

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