Join us for Still Rockin’: A Night of Music to Support Programming and Resources for Older Adults

Join us for Still Rockin’: A Night of Music to Support Programming and Resources for Older Adults

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If your loved one is getting ready to return from a hospital stay, it’s important to prepare your home and yourself to ensure you can provide a safe and comfortable environment. Caring for an older adult in your home will certainly require some lifestyle changes, but it will likely require some modifications to your surroundings as well. Here are a few things you can do to get your home ready:

General living areas




Now that your home is prepared for your older loved one, think about what needs to be done in terms of care. Do you need to buy your older loved one a walker? Schedule them for physical therapy? Find a home care professional for more complicated needs like baths?

Will your older loved one be able to drive, or does your car need updates in order to accommodate them as passengers? Should you expect memory issues and prepare with a security system that will keep your loved one from wandering? These are all things to talk with your healthcare team about before taking your older loved one home.

Lastly, prepare your family for the change. Family dynamics are different for everyone, but you’ll want to have an honest and open conversation with all members of your household. Talk about the general plan, expectations, roles and responsibilities, and explain why this is the best course of action for your family. Getting everyone on the same page will help you and your family transition into your new roles as caregivers, whether those roles are permanent or temporary

If you need help preparing your home or family or would like to talk about long-term care, contact us today. We are happy to help you gain a better understanding of your options.

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