National Volunteer Month: Katie Tucker

April is National Volunteer Month. We are so grateful to all the people who donate their time and help make our community a better place! 

Today we want to highlight one of our volunteers, Katie Tucker.

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month this April, CMSS would like to celebrate your irrepressible spirit of volunteering that shapes our residents, communities, and programming. The pandemic has made volunteering more complicated. As programs change, new safety measures must be observed, and most of you have been unable to participate. Still, we thought it was vital that we connect and remind you that you are an essential part of the fabric of our organization at CMSS, and thank you for your service. 

We are proud to highlight one of our volunteers — Katie Tucker. Katie volunteers with our Life Enrichment team, which offers innovative arts programming to enable residents to engage in arts activities and projects, as well as with each other, build self-esteem, reduce stress, and express themselves. Katie shares her experience with them, “The Life Enrichment team is amazing. They are very supportive. I am lucky to work with them.”

What motivated you to volunteer with CMSS?

“I like the work they do here. I like that I could work hands-on, be around people and help out. I’ve done a lot of volunteering at other places, but I couldn’t be as hands-on. Here I can see the results of the work I am doing.”

What is the most memorable accomplishment of your volunteer experience?

A resident here does not like to leave her room [because of how she feels about her looks and other concerns she has]. Recently, she has been joining us for activities with other residents. It has been a team effort, but I think my being there for her, reassuring her, and spending daily time with her made the difference.

What is the most significant personal benefit you’ve received as a volunteer with CMSS?

I feel like I have a purpose now. I feel fulfilled knowing that I’m doing something good for people, even if it’s just a laugh or a smile. If I can help them feel less lonely or bring a little joy or help them in any way, that makes me feel good.

If you are interested in volunteering with CMSS, we encourage you to visit for more information.

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