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Thursday, September 12, 2024

Redefining Assisted Living Communities

What do you think about when you think of senior care?

When you picture assisted living communities, you may not think of people living full, rich lives, but it’s time to reconsider. People in assisted living communities just need a little help to live a purposeful and happy life. These days, the best assisted living communities focus on each and every individual as a whole and vital person instead of a number on a chart.

Assisted Living Communities That Feel Like Home

While many assisted living communities have historically felt more like hospitals, there’s a growing movement for them to change the way they are organized in order to create a more resident-centered environment — fostering a more home-like feel. (At CMSS, we’ve always valued this person-centered style of care and communities that feel like home!)

In home-like assisted living communities, residents have plenty of choice about what to do every day. They also have more options with regards to pets and visiting hours.

In addition to assisted and supportive living, home care has also become a popular offering. CMSS offers home care in collaboration with partner nonprofit organization Services for Adults Staying Their Homes (SASI). This option allows people to live independently, while providing them with the assistance they need.

Short Term Rehabilitation

Even though assisted living communities are typically associated with long-term care, short-term rehab is a fast-growing program at many assisted living and skilled nursing communities. Our skilled nursing and short-term rehab community, Wesley Place, offers programs including the following:

Orthopedic rehabilitation is physical therapy treating conditions affecting the skeletal and muscular system such as neck, back, hip and knee pain from injuries and falls or conditions like tendinitis.

General medical rehabilitation addresses any general medical needs from deconditioning after a recent hospital stay to help recovering from pneumonia or living with osteoporosis.

Cardiac rehabilitation centers on physical function in those with cardiac disease. Nutritional therapies, weight loss plans, blood pressure control and diabetes management is often explored.

Stroke rehabilitation treats the impact of stroke and other brain injuries. Rehabilitation includes speech and occupational therapy.

Modern assisted living communities focus on the individual, helping them feel as well as possible and allowing them to continue to pursue their passions or explore new ones. Could it be right for you or a loved one? Explore your options at CMSS.

Adapted from a post by Carrie Robertson.

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