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Thursday, September 12, 2024

How Advanced Memory Care Can Help Your Loved One

Most memory care options are licensed as assisted living communities, meaning people who live there typically have mid-stage memory loss. An advanced memory care community provides more specialized support. This type of community is right for people with more advanced memory loss, or people who are living with mid-stage memory loss and have other significant physical health needs. Could advanced memory care be right for your loved one?  

Benefits of advanced memory care

Expert care all day, every day

Advanced memory care communities are first and foremost skilled nursing communities, which means they provide around-the-clock support for people who need long-term care. Not all skilled nursing communities specialize in memory care, so it’s important to research carefully before choosing a community.   

When your loved one is part of a memory care community, you can rest assured knowing they will have access to support from expert caregivers 24 hours a day. In a skilled nursing community that specializes in advanced memory care, staff members are trained in the unique needs of people with memory loss.

A daily routine

Many people with memory loss find comfort in routine. Advanced memory care communities build structure into your loved one’s daily care plan to help them feel relaxed and at ease. These routines include a healthy sleep, regular meals and a medication schedule according to your loved one’s needs and preferences.

Engaging programs and social opportunities

People of any age can benefit from getting creative, but the arts can be especially impactful for people with memory loss. Art can help your loved one connect with the world around them. Look for an advanced memory care community that includes regular creative programs, such as art and music therapy.

At CMSS, our Music & MemorySM program uses music as form of memory loss therapy. In this program, listening to music often helps residents trigger memories or emotions they associate with certain songs from their past. Music and Memory is just one of our therapeutic art programs — from visual arts to storytelling —  that help people have a better quality of life.

Advanced memory care at CMSS

At Chicago Methodist Senior Services, we get to know you and your loved one to determine a care plan that’s best for them. Our skilled nursing memory care community at Wesley Place, provides support for people living with advanced memory loss. It’s one of the few in Chicago that specifically cater to people with advanced stages of memory loss.

Here, you’ll find care that includes:

  • A personalized care plan.
  • A team of skilled nurses and CNAs who are trained in advanced memory care.
  • A comfortable, intimate community with a high caregiver-to-resident ratio.
  • 28 private suites to arrange and decorate with personal touches.
  • Outings in the Chicago area, from the zoo to the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Art and music therapies designed for people with memory loss.
  • A comfortable and secure setting where you can spend as much time with your loved one as you’d like.
  • An around-the-clock response system for any immediate needs.
  • A convenient location in Chicago’s charming Andersonville neighborhood, with close proximity to a summertime farmer’s market, shopping, restaurants and more.

Do you think advanced memory care could benefit your loved one? Join us for a tour of Wesley Place, our skilled nursing memory care community. If you have any other questions about the skilled nursing care experience at CMSS, don’t hesitate to reach out. To learn more about CMSS in person, join us for one of our most popular events on January 24th, Wise Consumer.  You’ll learn about planning for the future and navigating insurance, housing, home care and healthcare providers.

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