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Thursday, September 12, 2024

The Value of a Nonprofit Organization

Wesley Place is proud to be one of only a handful of nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing quality nursing and rehabilitation in the City of Chicago. As a nonprofit, Wesley Place is able to prioritize service quality and level of care above all else — and that translates into value for our customers. From the private suites and new equipment to our skilled chefs and cutting edge programming, Wesley Place has continued to invest in our facility, equipment, and staff so that we can provide our patients with the care they deserve.

Much research and discussion has taken place in recent years comparing for-profit and nonprofit healthcare providers and specialists. While many for-profit organizations have grown in size and market share, there are some studies to suggest that this growth does not always translate into superior care. A 2011 UCSF-led analysis, for example, found that the biggest for-profit nursing homes in the United States provide a lower quality of care because they generally have fewer nurses than nonprofit nursing homes. A separate study published in The Gerontologist, meanwhile, discovered that registered nurses working for nonprofit nursing homes displayed a significantly higher level of job satisfaction than their counterparts at commercial homes. Because nonprofit organizations are not beholden to any shareholders or private equity firms who may be prioritizing bottom-line profits or increased market share, they are typically in a stronger position to devote their resources into staffing, equipment, and other areas that advance service quality.

At Wesley Place, we understand that a positive, happy, and optimistic atmosphere can make all the difference to a patient recovering in one of our rehab programs. Our ability to maintain this positive environment depends largely on our staff and the happiness of our employees at the individual level. Being a nonprofit, Wesley Place may have an advantage in the department of employee happiness; a recent study of 900 nursing homes found that staff in nonprofits showed higher overall satisfaction with supportive managers, adequate resources, and their ability to help set policy.

While not all nonprofit healthcare organizations are going to deliver better care than for-profits, Wesley Place is proud of the high quality of care that being a nonprofit allows us to offer.

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