The changing of the seasons always brings its fair share of excitement. The transition from summer to fall is accompanied by a drop in temperature, beautifully colored trees and activities to get you in the fall spirit. However, this year, your plans may be adjusted to be virtual or socially distanced.

While you might not be attending a large Thanksgiving gathering or bobbing for apples, there are plenty of ways to stay busy and enjoy yourself! Here are some of our favorite socially distanced activities for older adults this fall:

Embrace a Socially Distanced Halloween

Halloween is known for trick or treating, fun costumes and spooky haunted houses. No matter your age, embracing these timeless traditions is part of the fun of October. Here are a few ways to get creative to make the most of your Halloween:

  • Listen to a scary story. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights offers dozens of audio horror stories that will have you jumping out of your chair.
  • Dress up for a virtual Halloween party. Getting dressed up is always fun and, if you’ll be socializing on videochat, you only need the top half of the costume! Here are some fun costume ideas for inspiration.
  • Prepare a Halloween-themed treat. While most of us probably don’t eat as many sweets as we did when we were young, Halloween is a great time to indulge. Here are over 40 recipes for Halloween desserts you can make.

Whether you enjoy listening to the Monster Mash or eating candy apples, Halloween has fun activities for everyone — even if you have to be socially distanced.

Enjoy Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays in the U.S. because it brings together friends and family. This year will certainly look a bit different and many people will decide to change their traditional Thanksgiving plans. Here are some of the best socially distanced activities to participate in this November:

  • Get family and friends together for a virtual Thanksgiving celebration. One fun activity, besides eating, is to have everyone share what they’re thankful for this year.
  • Host a virtual food-centric contest. Consider seeing who can make the best pie or surprise each other with fun ingredients that you used to make the food.
  • Watch Thanksgiving football. One of the few things that a pandemic couldn’t slow down is the NFL. Here is the schedule for the day.

Celebrating the upcoming holidays in 2020 through social distancing will certainly be a new experience for all of us, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and find new ways to create memories with loved ones.