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Good Days

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Our Good Days program is devoted to enhancing CMSS residents’ lives one day at a time.

The program sets aside funds for staff members to brighten individual residents’ days. Staff members get to know each member of our community like family and use these funds to create special moments tailored to each person.

You can help. The average Good Day costs just $25.  To fund one or more Good Days, donate now. Please make a note that you’d like your contribution to go toward the Good Days program.

A Good Day for Elsie

Hartwell Place resident Elsie grew up in Hawaii, often enjoying delicious seafood. Elsie likes to tease Hartwell Place Chef Willie Henderson that he can’t cook salmon as well as she can. She also asks him regularly if salmon will be on the menu.

Recently, Chef Willie prepared her favorite salmon dish as a special surprise. Elsie was thrilled with the gift of her favorite meal, which brings back so many good memories of her childhood

Elsie says, “Every day at Hartwell is a good day and it’s a wonderful place to live.”

Good Days program Chef Willie and Elise with her favorite salmon meal

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Betty’s Favorite Beverage

Betty often talks about her love for grasshoppers — a delicious chocolate-mint drink.

As part of the Good Days program, a group of CMSS staff members and volunteers recently joined Betty and a friend at a local Irish restaurant, Lady Gregory’s, so she could enjoy one of her favorite beverages with friends.

Gone Fishing With John

John, a Chicago Methodist Senior Services resident, has been an avid fisher throughout his life, and even worked on a commercial fishing boat in college.

A staff member, Bob — also an avid fisherman — often discusses fishing tips and tricks with John. As part of the Good Days program, he decided to brighten John’s day with a fishing trip.

Bob, John, and a group of staff members and volunteers enjoyed a day of fishing at Montrose Harbor. They even caught a few fish!

A group of people fishing on a manmade lake

A group of senior get their nails done at a nail salon

Girls’ Day at Hartwell Place

Some days, you just need to treat yourself.

As part of the Good Days program, Chicago Methodist Senior Services volunteers recently organized a “girls’ day” for a group of Hartwell Place residents. They were pampered with manicures and enjoyed apple juice flutes.