Our mission guides

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Please read our response to the outcome of the vote taken at the 2019 United Methodist General Conference related to the church’s stance of serving the LGBTQ+ population.


Our mission

As a nonprofit, accredited, and faith-based organization, Chicago Methodist Senior Services supports, improves and enhances the quality of life for older adults by empowering them to live with dignity and respect.

Our values

Because we feel strongly that our values should never be assumed, we affirm the following:

  • Services and care reflect the philosophy that life is precious and has meaning in all stages.
  • We affirm the value of each individual by treating him or her with dignity and respect.
  • Services and care are person-centered; it includes resources and opportunities to foster physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, and financial wellness.
  • We recognize the families of those in our care as being members of our extended community. They contribute significantly to the best possible outcomes for each individual.
  • We manage our employees and material resources ethically, with creativity and vision, applying best practices and always mindful of changing needs and environments in our capacity to serve.
  • We provide services in a nonsectarian, faith-based environment where spiritual wellbeing is placed above denomination or religious beliefs.
  • While ensuring the safety of each person in our care we are mindful of common freedoms, privileges, constitutional protections, and civil rights.
  • Cultural diversity is honored and supported.