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We work with a number of insurance providers; give us a call at 773-406-3223 to find out if we accept your insurance.

We can arrange for all of your transportation needs to and from your doctor’s office. If available, we will use one of our own vans. Otherwise, we will order a wheelchair accessible taxi cab, a Medicar or Medivan.

Wesley Place Rehab has no restrictions on visiting hours. We simply request that all guests sign in with our receptionist and wear a visitor badge for safety and security reasons. Visitors can also park for free in our visitor parking lot or take advantage of the great public transportation options just steps away!

How long you stay at Wesley Place is different for each person. The length of your stay is most directly based on your condition and how quickly you’re able to recovery – but you’ll get a tentative discharge date when you arrive, and we make sure you always know where things stand with regular evaluations and weekly progress reports.

You should bring comfortable clothing, athletic socks, and gym shoes for use during therapy as well as clothes to rest and lounge in. While not required, you may also want to bring one or two outfits you would feel comfortable “going out” in, as you may feel like participating in some of our opportunities throughout the week to socialize and have fun. In addition, bring books, music, laptop, a favorite blanket, and anything else to help you feel at home – and don’t forget your chargers! Some people also like to bring a few favorite snacks or drinks to keep in their refrigerator. Lastly, remember to bring your Medicare and insurance cards.

You have the option of eating your meals in our bistro or in your own room – simply notify the nurse of your preference. Our dietitian will work with you to create an individualized meal plan, and if you do not care for what is on the menu that day, you can choose one of our alternate meal options.

Your therapy schedule depends on your initial evaluation with the therapist. Once you’ve been evaluated, therapy will begin the following day. Most patients receive one hour of physical therapy in the morning and one hour of occupational therapy in the afternoon. Patients may also receive therapy on Saturdays and Sundays based on the evaluation and physician’s orders.

Patients receive an evaluation upon arriving, and therapy will begin the following day.

Typically, you will be evaluated by the doctor within 72 hours of your arrival. In addition, the doctor will be available by phone and our nurses will update him or her throughout your stay. The number of visits you’ll receive from your doctor will depend on the type of help you need and on how long you stay with us. You may also go to the doctor’s office for scheduled appointments.

Your attending doctor will typically be affiliated with the hospital where you are currently receiving medical treatment. Whenever possible, you will be seen by your own primary doctor; when this is not possible, you’ll be cared for by a doctor from one of Chicago’s premier hospitals who will take the time to evaluate your condition and understand your goals for recovery.

In addition to physical, occupational, and speech therapists, our care team is comprised of licensed and registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, a physiatrist, and more. Doctors from the local hospitals come to Wesley Place to manage their patients’ care, so throughout the entire process, your doctor will be there to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

Absolutely not! All of our rooms are private.

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