Join a thriving community of trained volunteers who are building friendships with older adults through weekly visits and friendly calls. Volunteers are vetted, trained and supported by Senior Connections staff.

You will be personally introduced to your volunteer, and you and the volunteer together will plan visits and activities. We ask volunteers to commit to one year of volunteering with the program as relationships take time to develop and flourish. Our intent is to match you with a volunteer based on your interests and likes as well as theirs.

Where you receive services

You and your friendly visitor volunteer can meet in your home, a park, or anywhere where you both would feel comfortable. Instead of an in-person visit, our friendly caller volunteer would call you, typically at home, at a mutually agreed upon time.

Why is Senior Connections so important?

  • We believe that building friendships across generations strengthens the caring fabric of the community.
  • We uphold that every person has something of value to offer and that their experiences, skills and interests can have a significant impact on the lives
    of others.
  • We know that engagement in community and relationships, at any age, promote wellness, vitality and an enhanced quality of life.
  • We welcome diversity and invite people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life to participate in Senior Connections.

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Senior Connections
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If you or someone you know is interested in Senior Connections, please contact us at 847-869-0682.

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