Creativity helps us connect and inspire in every moment.

If medicine cures illness, then art cures the soul. Art links us to a world much larger than ourselves. As people age and experience less community, mobility or memory, art matters more than ever in keeping people connected.

Chicago Methodist Senior Services offers innovative arts programming to enable residents to engage in arts activities and projects without preconceived expectations or goals. Our programming helps residents socialize with each other, build self-esteem, reduce stress and express themselves.

Integrating the Arts into Care

Our arts program coordinator works with residents and their loved ones to find the most meaningful creative practices for each person. Individual and small group art therapy sessions are available.

From hands-on creativity to arts appreciation and outings, we use the arts in a wide range of ways that help residents of all abilities and cognitive conditions to enjoy the delights of creativity.

Outings, Events and Cultural Presentations

From expert lectures to museum visits, we use multisensory activities to help people expand their awareness.


A MacArthur Award-winning improvisational storytelling program for people with memory loss.

Music and Memory®

Volunteers and residents connect through personalized music.

Open Studio Art Groups

Sessions are designed to fit residents’ artistic needs and creative interests.

Therapeutic Arts

Works to reduce symptoms through relaxation and calming creative practices.

Art in the Moment

Partnership with the Art Institute of Chicago helps residents with memory loss engage with art at the museum.

Art History Lectures

Ongoing education that focuses on art history through intellectual stimulation.

Creative Community Connections

Builds intergenerational relationships with peers and community members.


Creative crafting that builds a sense of purpose and is given back to the community.

Indvidual & Group Art Therapy

Improves quality of life through material exploration, relaxation techniques and cognitive processing.

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