While getting healthy is important, staying healthy is just as imperative to keeping an active lifestyle. That is why Wesley Place is proud to present a post-therapy fitness program designed to help patients recovering from surgeries or conditions that affect the joints. Classes are performed in a group format but space is limited, allowing the Fitness Specialist to adjust exercises according to the each person’s needs.

The Fitness Specialist utilizes Nautilus ® equipment, exercise bands, free weights, and patients’ own body weight to build strength, improve mobility, and increase range of motion. Not only is this a great way to stay in shape, but class members can support and challenge one another in a fun, relaxing environment.

Please note: this is not outpatient therapy, nor is it intended to replace physician-prescribed outpatient therapy. A physician release may also be required in order to participate. 

To register, or for questions, call (773) 769-5500.

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