Sites for Seniors

Bring your ideas and questions! We’ll review internet sites that are especially helpful for older adults. Safely visit helpful and informative sites and look into some other internet sites just […]

Getting Started with Your Computer

For people who have never used a computer or have not used one in several years. Turn it on and browse the internet easily after this class. Computer classes are […]

Cutting the Cord

Take advantage of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime! Streaming allows you to watch a movie or TV without going to the video store. We’ll help you learn […]

Tablet Tips

From apps to the Internet, learn to swipe, pinch and tap your way around an iPad or an Android tablet. Computer classes are held at Winwood Apartments: 1406 W Winona […]

Explore the Internet

Whether you’d like a better way to stay in touch, read the news or access important health and financial information, this class will help you learn how to easily and […]

Free Class: Computers 101

Want to become computer literate? In this free class, you’ll learn the basics, like how to write documents in Microsoft Word, send emails to family and log on to the […]

Internet of Things

Join us for an introduction to the internet of things. Connect any device with an on and off switch to the internet. This includes everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing […]

Let Me Google That For You

The internet has an abundant amount of resources available for you – right at your fingertips! We’ll teach you the basics of internet searching, from a desktop search to using […]

Let’s Go Out

Join us to learn how to use internet resources to help plan a trip or dinner and a show. Computer classes are held at Winwood Apartments: 1406 W Winona Ave, Chicago, […]

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