#RespectYourElders: Garrison Keillor (born 1943), a noted author and radio personality, has hosted his self-created radio show, “A Prairie Home Companion,” for over 40 years.

Keillor began his radio broadcasting career while studying at University of Minnesota, working at the student-operated station Radio K. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in 1966 and worked at Minnesota Educational Radio before joining Minnesota Public Radio.

Keillor premiered “A Prairie Home Companion” on MPR, in front of a live audience of about a dozen people, in 1974. Today, the show reaches more than 35 million public radio listeners each week. “A Prairie Home Companion” debuted as an old-style variety show with a cast performing musical numbers and comedic skits. It is known today for its mostly folk music guests, tongue-in-cheek style and Keillor’s storytelling segment, “News from Lake Wobegon.” Keillor has used Lake Wobegon, a fictional place representing his Minnesota hometown, as the setting for several of his books.

Keillor has worn many hats throughout his career. He is an accomplished writer and has contributed articles to several newspapers and magazines, from “The New Yorker” to “National Geographic.” He has also written several books for both children and adults, opened a bookstore, recorded voice-over work for multiple films and television series, released an album and wrote the screenplay for the “A Prairie Home Companion” film.

Keillor, who recently announced his plans to retire from “A Prairie Home Companion,” will perform his final broadcast of the show on July 1, 2016 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. He has indicated that he intends to stay active in writing and other creative pursuits.

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