Join us for Still Rockin’: A Night of Music to Support Programming and Resources for Older Adults

Join us for Still Rockin’: A Night of Music to Support Programming and Resources for Older Adults

Comfort Food – Grandma’s Cooking

I’m sure we all have favorite dishes our grandmothers’ have cooked for us. Whether it’s cake, pie, or meatloaf and mashed potatoes — somehow certain foods conjure up memories that last a lifetime.

Distinguishing Between Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Having several family members that struggle with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia, there’s one question that seems to constantly circulate in my mind which I never quite get an answer to: “What exactly is the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia?”

Stepping into the Leadership Role

Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia involve a progressive loss of one’s memory, thinking, language, and self-care skills. Someone with dementia eventually loses the capacity to be completely independent, […]

Communicating with Alzheimer’s Patients

I recently read an article in Parade about a speech-pathology professor at Ohio State University, Michelle S. Bourgeois, who is finding new ways to communicate with Alzheimer and Dementia patients.

Comfort Care for Advanced Dementia

The prestigious medical journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, published a study last month showing that a significant portion of Medicare expenditures for people with advanced dementia is spent on aggressive […]

Music Therapy for Dementia

In a recent New York Times article, “Giving Alzheimer’s Patients Their Way, Even Chocolate,” the use of food, art, music, and exercise were highlighted as means to generate positive emotions […]

Be Sure to Check on Your Aging Relatives

Years ago my favorite great-aunt died. She and her husband never had kids of their own but bestowed their love upon a dozen or so nieces and nephews. They were […]

Brain Exercise: A Puzzling Experience

When I was younger, I recall my grandmother sitting in her chair, pencil in hand, “working the puzzles.” I never inquired any further. I never asked what “the puzzles” were […]

Early Dementia: Enter their world

Guide Download regarding Picking the right supportive and assisted living facility

I was able to transfer some of what I learned from my profession to experiences with my grandmother in the last years of her life. The premise is very simple; […]

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