As those who have had to choose among competing rehabilitation facilities can attest, determining the best rehab provider can be a daunting task. With so many different choices and factors to keep track of, it’s often difficult to parse everything and answer the most fundamental question: which organization will provide the highest level of care?

With its CARF accreditation, Wesley Place makes this decision easier for consumers by demonstrating its proven commitment to the highest possible standards of service and improvement in quality. CARF, or the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is a nonprofit, independent accreditor of health and human services in areas including rehabilitation.

In order to become CARF accredited, a service provider must prove to CARF that it carefully monitors the results of its services, commits to continual quality improvement, and focuses on the needs of every person served — including members of its staff. Accrediting services in over 20,000 locations across five continents, CARF performs annual on-site surveys of facilities requesting up-to-date CARF accreditation, taking multiple days to examine everything from cleanliness and management to meal options.

While the process is often time-consuming and rigorous for all members of the staff, Wesley Place will continue to reconfirm CARF accreditation to ensure that its service quality conforms to CARF’s internationally-recognized standards. In the end, this benefits Wesley Place customers by ensuring excellent service and high quality care.

Wesley Place’s CARF accreditation was renewed in 2012 for three years.