1. Type and edit text in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. This is what you should learn first. You need to be able to type to do most activities on the computer. The better you can type, the easier and quicker it is to do everything else!

2. Use a search engine, such as Google, to find information. Harness the power of the internet! If you subscribe to internet service, open up your web browser, go to www.google.com, and start exploring.

3. Read and send e-mails. E-mail is a fantastic, free way to stay in touch with family and friends. Sign up for our next E-Mail Basics class and we’ll get you started in no time!

4. Back-up your important information. Computers can (and do) fail from time to time. It is important to back up your data externally, whether that is with a flash drive, CD/DVDs, or the Cloud.

5. Keep your operating system and other software updated. It is important to let your software update when it asks you. Often times these updates address security vulnerabilities or provide increased speed or features. Updates from Microsoft, Adobe, or Java are all OK.

6. Change your passwords. When was the last time you changed your password? Most experts recommend changing it once every three months. That’s pretty difficult if you don’t know how!

7. Look up and print out driving directions. It’s easier than you might think! Visit www.maps.google.com to get started.

8. Shop online – or at least look up product reviews. Even if you’re not comfortable making purchases online, you can read a multitude of reviews on almost any product out there. You can start by visiting www.amazon.com.

9. View, edit and print photos. Transfer photos from your digital camera to your computer. View and organize them. Re-touch them. Create online albums and share with family or friends. Print photos of any size. There are so many possibilities.

10. Play a game. Have fun with your computer! There are usually a handful of games already installed on your computer. Or go online to explore many, many more! You can start just by “Googling” the name of a game.