A community of caring focusing on helping seniors live and feel well.

At Chicago Methodist Senior Services, getting to know you is one of the ways we’re able to care better. At our senior homes in Chicago, you’ll find an inviting elder community with a dedicated staff ready to support you in all the ways you need. We offer older adults a full range of services and residential options provided by expert staff who take an innovative, person-centered approach to care.

With our life-enriching programs, a network of support that caters to you as a person, and a staff of caregivers that feel like family, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Hartwell Memory Care
“My loved one needs memory support and engaging programming.”
“I need care services delivered in my home.”
SASI Home Care Chicago
Short Term Rehab
“I need short-term rehabilitation after a recent surgery.”
A patient engages in a discussion with their physical therapist
Wesley Memory Care
“I’m interested in long-term care for a loved one with advanced memory loss.”
Long term skilled nursing at Wesley Place
“I need affordable senior housing.”
Long term skilled nursing at Wesley Place
Skilled Nursing
“I need somewhere to live that helps me maintain my independence through scheduled care.”
Long term skilled nursing at Wesley Place
Senior Connections
"I'm feeling socially isolated and want companionship and community."
Long term skilled nursing at Wesley Place
“I need help finding a service or residence option that’s right for me.”
Long term skilled nursing at Wesley Place
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