Staff & Board Members

At Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services, we select staff members who are dedicated to serving seniors. It's our staff members, and their loving care, who truly make our organization outstanding.

Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services

1415 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60640

Board Members

  • Dr. E. Maurlea Babb
  • Thomas D. Burkle
  • John R. Callen
  • Noel A. DeBacker, M.D.
  • Rev. Martin L. Deppe
  • Leslie R. Desmond
  • Michael J. Dudley
  • J. Herbert Landon
  • Larry M. Loecker
  • William A. Lowe
  • Zoa E. Norman
  • J. Christian Slusher
  • Martha A. Strong
  • Kathleen C. West
  • Samuel W. Witwer, Jr.
  • Dr. M. Richard Wright
  • Lawrence W. Zydowsky